GREENMAX Recycling Gives You a Hand to Realize the Goal of Making Best Use of Waste Foam

It is reported that polystyrene can now be recycled successfully in North Devon for the first time due to the investment on foam recycling machine- after they invested in GREENMAX styrofoam densifier.

It is believed that there are many recycling centers in the USA still can't finish smoothly for the collected foam disposals in the factory especially when it is after the Christmas holidays. All the food-graded Styrofoam packaging containers are the big headache for recyclers.

In the past, our focus on recycling is to do a lot more of dry recycling, such as cardboards and plastics – as we know that polystyrene is one of those plastics too, and we can do much better than ever before, since we have the constantly updated technology, we should not be bothered to change the life of those landfilled EPS disposals.

According to one of GREENMAX recycling clients, said he hopes the new recycling equipment will facilitate recycling programs across the whole country to invest in the technology so as to reduce the pollution to the earth.

It’s amazing to see the huge volumes of foam wastes have been condensed into high densified blocks with the help of GREENMAX styrofoam densifier, which compacts collected materials into condensed polystyrene ingots that are shipped to end markets much easily and then recycled into new products.

Unlike chemical method or the traditional way to landfill or burn foam wastes, both methods will have unavoidable pollution in the form of air, water or soil.

As we know polystyrene foam is filled with air, which accounts for around 95%, therefore, EPS is extremely lightweight, it is necessary and economical to compact the size of EPS wastes with the assistance of polystyrene recycling machine.

There is no excuse now for every piece of packaging like this in our part of the world to go into a recycling facility and be reused.