GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Helped the Urban Environmental Sanitation Management Institute in Shanghai Turn the Waste Styrofoam into Treasure


Last July, when the Chinese government announced a ban on the import of 24 kinds of foreign garbage in four major categories, they also strengthened the recycling of domestic waste Styrofoam plastics, and over the past year, remarkable results have been achieved to recycle styrofoam especially in Shanghai.

The Urban Environmental Sanitation Management Institute in Fengxian District, Shanghai has attached great importance to the sorting and disposal of garbage within their jurisdiction, especially low-value waste plastics like Styrofoam.

At present, various districts and counties in Shanghai are carrying out large-scale demolition, resulting in a large number of waste Styrofoam and the difficulty of sorting and disposal has brought great trouble to urban landscaping, thus the recycling is quite urgent.

Recently the universal action has been launched when Shanghai Urban Environmental Sanitation Management Institute found GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier, a recycling machine that can compress the Styrofoam into pieces and reduce the whole volume to 90:1 after strong melting and extruding process.

Supported by national policy and funds, they speed up the construction of garbage transfer sites in Nanqiao Town in order to put this Styrofoam densifier into operation.

With the Styrofoam densifier being put into use, people are more passionate about Styrofoam recycling. Once a week it is seen at 8 o’clock in the morning, many residents are waiting in line for the liquidation of Styrofoam wastes in the two network integration recycling service point of Lanqiao Court in Nanqiao Town.

Actually, it’s also worth mentioning that after the Styrofoam scraps being turned into ingots, next they can be granulated into pellets and finally be manufactured into frame products sold to customers from all over the world. That is what we said the close loop of INTCO RECYCLING, and GREENMAX is the most unnecessary link.

"The GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is the first professional equipment to deal with the waste foam in Shanghai, with high power and stable quality," the leader of the Urban Environmental Sanitation Management Institute said. "It is intended to expand all the districts and counties in Shanghai, and turn the waste Styrofoam into treasure in every town, reduce carbon emissions and beautify the environment."