GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine solves the problem of high landfill cost

Recently, a U.S customer helped by INTCO Recycling has encountered the problem of whether continue to pay high landfill fees or to buy a Styrofoam recycling machine. According to this customer, more and more waste Styrofoam materials are generated in their daily operation. No business is willing to collect these waste Styrofoam materials for free, even though they are recyclable. In the end, the customer spent $900 to dispose of the Styrofoam of a dumpster for $300 each time.


After this incident, the customer found that if a recycling machine was purchased, it could not only save the cost of garbage disposal but also make profits from the recycling. However, due to the price of the Styrofoam recycling machine is a little high, it was not known whether it is worthy to be invested. In fact, as long as comparing the landfill fee with the Styrofoam recycling machine purchase fee, it is easy to find that the machine is worth investing in.


Generally speaking, the price of disposing of 100 gallons of dumpster waste Styrofoam is about 60 dollars in the U.S, while a cheap Styrofoam recycling machine is only about 30000 dollars. This means that if your waste can exceed 500 gallons, you should put in a Styrofoam recycling machine. Meanwhile, you can also get profits from the recycled Styrofoam ingots, which can be sold for about 0.2 dollars every pound.


Due to some logistics providers and recyclers set up their locations in different cities, they may worry about the problem of Styrofoam collection. Actually, this is not a worry at all. GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine offered by INTCO Recycling can be moved on the truck, where the truck drives can implement Styrofoam recycling. Once the loose waste is put into the recycling machine, the loose material will be compacted, which saves the transportation cost and storage space. To sum up, if you are a demanding person in the United States, it is necessary to purchase a Styrofoam recycling machine.