Hao Wei International

Hao Wei International Pte. Ltd. is a XPS manufacturer focused in providing the top standard extruded polystyrene thermal insulating products. The company has the largest XPS production plant in Malaysia and occupies a pivotal position in the XPS market.

XPS material has always played an important role in the thermal insulation industry. Compared with EPS, XPS is thinner, has better insulation performance, and is more aesthetically pleasing in construction, so it is welcomed by most of the consumers. However, as a recyclable material, the actual recycling rate of XPS is not high.

Despite XPS material has a high sales volume, the mass production of XPS boards will produce more leftovers, and a large amount of XPS foam scraps are accumulated in the factory. Although they had an old granulator that can reuse their XPS. But the scrap is piling up faster than it can be reused. In just one month, the waste XPS scraps occupied almost all the facility, which not only affect production, but also easy to cause fire and other safety hazards. Hao Wei International has faced a great difficulty of XPS foam recycling.

When we visited Hao Wei International, the boss told us that the increasing XPS production waste was like a time bomb in his heart, he was anxious about these accumulated waste every day. “We have been looking for solutions, but didn't find an appropriate disposal way until we learned about GREENMAX machinery.” said the boss.

After learning that INTCO Recycling could help him solve the space and safety problems, he went to the INTCO Malaysia factory to learn about the function of the machine, and finally decided to purchase GREENMAX M-C200 foam densifier.

GREENMAX foam densifier is specialized in handling waste EPS and XPS materials. The compression ratio reaches 90:1, which can greatly reduce the foam volume, save workshop space and improve the efficiency of transportation. At the same time, the melted XPS is safe and not easy to catch a fire.

Malaysia is a major importer of waste plastics. After the plastic import ban in China in 2017, South-east Asian countries vastly increased their share of plastic waste management. So the XPS recycling industry in Malaysia needs further development.