Hard-to-recycle Waste EPS Can Be Dealt with in A Pennsylvania Plant

In York, Pennsylvania, a plant is about to open that turns hard-to-recycle plastic waste into a concrete additive for construction and building. The plant is run by the Coalition to End Plastic Waste and the Center for Regenerative Design and Partnership. The plant accepts all types of plastic recycling including EPS.

EPS has good insulation, so it is widely used in the construction industry. In this process, it is inevitable to produce scraps and waste EPS. These hard-to-recycle waste EPS can no longer be sent to landfills as in the past. The landfill has no spare space for this waste EPS which will have serious pollution to the environment. At this point, EPS Recycling is definitely the best choice. Although EPS is hard to recycle, conducting it in a suitable way can bring a totally different result. 

Having realized this point, the plant is built to implement this thought. This plant can accept the mixture of all kinds of waste plastic that will be made as concrete additive RESIN8, which is applied to concrete blocks, concrete and cast-in-place concrete… According to a report, this new material is 15% lighter or stronger than conventional concrete and has been improved its insulation by 20%. As one of the most used materials, the amount of waste EPS is also big. This plant in York provides a new method for EPS recycling. The lightweight and insulation of EPS are fully utilized to reduce pollution and bring profits, realize the EPS recycling

The final object of all the measures is to end EPS waste in the environment. To achieve this, everyone should make efforts for EPS recycling. Recyclers should find some workable methods to promote the circular economy and take various actions related to EPS recycling to expand the impact. To conduct EPS recycling, recycling machines are also necessary. GREENMAX EPS recycling machines are mature enough to recycle waste EPS and conduct it into blocks that can be transported and transformed easily. EPS recycling machines are widely used all over the world, it’s a worldwide trend to recycle EPS.