How can we dispose of Styrofoam-a recyclable material?

Styrofoam is a valuable material because of its light weight and excellent insulation. It is common used in insulation and packaging as well as many other products in the construction and transportation industries. But it is also the light weight that becomes the difficulty of Styrofoam recycling.

Styrofoam is a recyclable material- unlike most consumer goods, Styrofoam is a solid block of material - but the air in it makes it difficult to transport. So the truth is that most of the Styrofoam waste in North America ends up in landfills or water.

Styrofoam material is controversial. Some regions want to ban its use, especially for disposable foam food containers, but in contrast, some regions support Styrofoam recycling, so the recycling rate of Styrofoam is greatly influenced by local policies. If there are options, Styrofoam waste should be recycled, which not only produces valuable products, but also reduces the use of petrochemicals and saves landfill space.

How can we dispose of Styrofoam?

The solution provided by GREENMAX is reducing-recycling-reusing. GREENMAX offers professional Styrofoam densifier to reduce the waste foam volume by melting technology. After the whole process, the loose foam can become dense foam ingots, which is 90 times small than before in volume. This process can save us lot of storage and transportation costs, so that make Styrofoam recycling easier.

The recycled foam ingots have actually become a renewable resource, which can be used make new foam products, such as picture frames, skirting line, Hangers, insulation boards, etc.

Resource recycling and sustainable development is the goal we have been pursuing, Styrofoam is no exception. GREENMAX is committed to offer a total solution to Styrofoam recycling.