How EPS compactor became an important part of EPS recycling industry?


As we all know that waste EPS is the main resource of environmental pollution, EPS recycling has become a necessary part of our lives, which can contribute to the protection of ecology environment, saving the earth's resource, and protecting the health of mankind and animals. EPS compactor is a kind of recycling machine that makes waste EPS recycling become more efficient, more environmental, and more normal.

The EPS compactor is designed to these materials including EPS, XPS and PSP, like food tray, cups, and fish boxes. This machine can be applied in various industries of waste EPS materials, from food to building, packaging to electronic products and decoration material. So the EPS compactor has played an important role in EPS recycling industry.



The waste EPS can be recycled and reused in the help of recycling machine. GREENMAX EPS Compactor from INTCO is a kind of cold compression machine, without any hot melting devices, is able to compact waste EPS into compressed EPS logs at a high ratio of 50:1, which has absolutely no smell gives out during operation. In addition, the EPS compactor is equipped with high-quality components, like SIEMENS control system that can make the operation of the machine easier and simpler.



GREENMAX EPS compactor is efficiently capable of dealing with reducing the volume of the waste EPS, so that it is easy to package and transport, and save the cost of transport. In addition, it is easier and quicker to recycle, saving resources and improving work efficiency, compare to landfill. Furthermore, the EPS machine helps in improving the rate of waste EPS, which has protected natural resources and the environment friendly.