How Polystyrene Packing balls are recycled in the USA?

Polystyrene, one of the most commonly-used plastics in the USA, can be used for anything from egg cartons to packing balls. According to the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers, more than 118 million pounds of EPS were recycled during the calendar year 2016. Recycling every ton of EPS saves as much as 637 gallons of oil. So How Polystyrene Packing balls are recycled in the USA? And how to choose the polystyrene recycling company?

At present, polystyrene cannot be generally collected and recycled by roadside in the USA, it requires a specific procedure to help it be reusable. It is difficult to recycle polystyrene because 95-98 percent of polystyrene is air, but GREENMAX polystyrene compactor offered by INTCO Recycling can help to achieve it.

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is mainly composed of crushing and compression. And the parts of the machine come from high-end manufacturers, so its quality is guaranteed. The objective of GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is to squeeze 98% of the polystyrene foam air content by cutting and cold pressing. A 48-foot truckload of loose polystyrene products weighs only around 1,000 pounds. Once the polystyrene is compacted, the same truck can hold 40,000 pounds of polystyrene.

GREENMAX offers polystyrene compactor, which hopes to reuse and recycle polystyrene in the USA. The goal of GREENMAX is to eliminate the cost of any landfill or waste as well as reducing the impact on the environment. So if recyclers in the USA want to recycle packing balls made of polystyrene, GREENMAX is the first choice.