How to make Styrofoam recycling as easy other recyclable materials?

Styrofoam is recyclable, even though this concept has become more and more well-known, we still cannot completely change the fact that most Styrofoam has not been effectively recycled. The main reason is that Styrofoam recycling still has difficulties, and it is always considered unprofitable by most recyclers.

There is no doubt that Styrofoam is recyclable, but the fact is that this process is not common. "You just can't make money out of it," said Robert Herritt, president of Styro-go.

Why you can’t make money from Styrofoam recycling?

The problem is the weight. The lightweight Styrofoam takes up a lots spaces and rise the storage and transportation cost during the recycling process.

As we know, the Styrofoam recycling events that take place regularly are usually organized by the government or the community, these activities are aimed at raising recycling awareness among local residents and are not for profit. Getting enterprises involved is always a difficult task, because it is not practical to require enterprises to recycle Styrofoam waste without profit.

How to make Styrofoam recycling easier?

We investigated the waste flow of a large appliance stores chain, and found that Styrofoam accounted for almost 60% to 80% of their total waste production in each store. That’s the equivalent of a 53-foot transport truck filled with Styrofoam from each store heading to the landfill each week. It generates huge costs and also bad for the environment.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is a melting machine, which process the loose Styrofoam waste into dense foam lumps. With the compression ratio of 90:1, it can greatly reduce the foam volume and save storage and transportation costs. The advantage of using a Styrofoam densifier is that the compression ratio is high, the quality of the foam lumps are good, which can be sold at a high price to obtain profits.

Large distribution facilities, furniture stores, or fish packaging plants produce large quantities of Styrofoam waste, and it is cost-effective to place a Styrofoam densifier on site. The equipment has greatly reduced the cost of Styrofoam recycling.