How to recycle Styrofoam in your local area?

Styrofoam products can be recycled into completely different products, like picture frames, decorative moldings, building insulation board, hangers and other home household items.

However, Styrofoam has been always considered as a problem in the recycling system. It's hard to get rid of it, the bulky Styrofoam waste is everywhere in our local community. Generally, Styrofoam is just dumped into the landfill with other household waste, and the cost is borne by the state. In addition, as you may have noticed, neglected Styrofoam fragments can be found outdoors at any time. Styrofoam is a particularly harmful form of waste because it is not biodegradable. Therefore, it is a huge threat to human health and the environment. That is why we should recycle Styrofoam in our local area.

Then how to recycle Styrofoam in your local area?

Remove the Styrofoam from the trash can, in other words, increase your recycling awareness. Styrofoam is recyclable and should not go to the landfill with other garbage. At present, even waste management companies do not sort Styrofoam from mixed garbage, so if we want to recycle Styrofoam, we must raise the awareness of recycling and sort out Styrofoam from the other landfill waste.

Finding a Styrofoam recycling center near you. Some recycling centers may not accept Styrofoam waste due to the dirty surface and uneconomical recycling value. If you do find a center that can accommodate excess Styrofoam, it is likely that they will not accommodate any Styrofoam that hold food or medical products. In addition, make sure that Styrofoam does not contain any other products (tape/label/glue).

Community Styrofoam recycling requires government support. The local government or some recycling organizations can carry out Styrofoam recycling activities in local communities, so that residents can take their accumulated foam waste to the recycle center at the designated time and place. At present, some councils in Australia has invested in professional equipment to carry out Styrofoam recycling projects. Mobile Styrofoam compactor facilitate recycling of waste Styrofoam to various communities.

INTCO recycling can offer both Styrofoam compactor and foam densifier for waste Styrofoam recycling, and we also have mobile Styrofoam recycling cases, which put Styrofoam compactor in the truck for waste compressional in different stores. Customized machines and recycling solutions make your recycling business more convenient.