How to recycle Styrofoam waste during the production process

For most Styrofoam product manufacturers, Styrofoam scraps and cutting pieces generated during the production process have become a major problem that hinders effective production. How to recycle Styrofoam waste in the production process has become their concern now.

As we all know, Styrofoam is a recyclable material. For professional Styrofoam manufacturers, the foam scraps are not waste, these foam scraps can be crushed and reused directly, or made into pellets for new Styrofoam products production. Of course, this all requires a certain investment, you must have professional equipment to support your reuse process.

If you don't need to reuse Styrofoam waste, Styrofoam compacting is also a good option. You no longer have to worry about the waste taking up space in the warehouse, or paying high fees to dispose of it. In contrast, compressed Styrofoam waste can be sold at a good price, thus making extra profits for you.

Whether it's recycling or reusing, you need to crush and compact the foam waste first. INTCO recycling has served in Styrofoam recycling industry for over decades, it can offer professional foam densifier with the melting principle. The equipment can reduce the foam volume for 90 times and save much handling costs.

The process of recycling Styrofoam involves feeding the collected Styrofoam through conveyor belts into a shredding machine. The crushed Styrofoam is then transferred to the foam densifier where the foam is exposed to heat and pressure to melt into continuous ingots. The melted foam ingots are well received in the market and can be sold at a good price.

At present, Europe has introduced related policies that require manufacturers' recycled materials and recycling rates to meet certain standards, which has led many manufacturers to join the projects of Styrofoam recycling. We believe that in the future, there will be a significant increase in Styrofoam recycling.