How to start a EPS packaging peanuts recycling business in Indiana?

50–75 millimetres (2-3 in) of peanuts are typically used for cushioning and void filling packaging applications. They are made with a variety of materials. Some, but not all, packing peanuts carry the #6 recycling symbol. Non-EPS packing peanuts are contaminants, only packing peanuts made of EPS can be recycled in Indiana. Although recyclable, with regards to who doesn’t have a EPS densifier, the recycling market is limited making reuse or donation the best options for this material.

In theory, EPS Packaging peanuts are easy to recycle. It is simply compacted or melted down and recast into new products. But in practice, it is not so simple. As EPS is so light in weight that take up just 0.01% of the total solid waste stream by weight and volume, which means shipping EPS Packaging peanuts to a recycler does not provide much return on investment. If you are living in the Indiana area with a small amount of EPS, you could contact plastic recycling, Inc. at Rockville Rd 7601 who has a EPS densifier accept scattered EPS.

As for EPS manufacturers, logistics providers and furniture recyclers, GREENMAX EPS densifier offered by INTCO Recycling could provide great convenience for transportation and storage. There is a rotating cutter and a hot melt screw inside the machine, squeezing the air inside the EPS waste by crushing and screw heating. Finally melted EPS waste will be as hard as a solid brick that called EPS ingot. Assuming a $0.20 value per pound of EPS, a truckload of dense EPS add $7800 in profit compared to loose EPS.

INTCO Recycling, a EPS recycling company offers foam recycling equipment and services, helps to set up a complete recycling project. INTCO promises to customers who purchase the EPS densifier to repurchase the EPS ingots produced, reuse it to create new EPS products such as picture frames, interior moulding, pony packs and so on. If you have recycling needs in Indiana, lose no time to seek advice from INTCO Recycling!