INTCO believes that the recycling process of Styrofoam should be known to more people

Styrofoam recycling is something anyone can do. Whether you are 5 or 25 years old, children and adults can carry out Styrofoam recycling to protect the environment.

First, check the official website of the local government to see if it is allowed to throw Styrofoam trash into the recycling bin.

The roadside recycling system is currently the most common garbage recycling system in people's lives. Find the blue trash can on the roadside and throw Styrofoam trash into it, if allowed by the local government. But we regret that in the United States, only a few states include Styrofoam trash in the recycling system.

If unfortunately, your state does not recycle Styrofoam trash, please also pay attention to the local monthly Styrofoam recycling event date, please bring the accumulated Styrofoam trash to the designated place within the date.

No matter what kind of recycling process, Styrofoam trash will eventually enter a Styrofoam recycling equipment. For example, Styrofoam compactor A-C200 produced by INTCO. Styrofoam is actually composed of more than 95% air. The machine has a built-in rotary cutter and cold-pressed screw, which squeezes out Styrofoam's air at a ratio of 50: 1 to produce a Styrofoam block. In terms of warehousing and transportation, it can greatly reduce recycling costs.

So, what recycled Styrofoam block can become? Insulation materials, park benches, photo frames, baseboards and more Styrofoam packaging. The end market of Styrofoam also looks forward to the development of Styrofoam recycling.

This is the recycling process of Styrofoam. INTCO always believes that understanding recycling is the first step in recycling.