INTCO cooperates with U.S. recyclers to form a closed-loop economic recycling model

There is no waste in nature. Detritus from one species always forms the basis for the survival of another. People follow this completely waste-free system to design new products, and the resulting system is called a "closed loop economy." These models will become more popular as the number of environmentally-conscious consumers increases and the cost advantages of closed-loop systems.

INTCO Recycling built a complete polystyrene recycling project based on this model. Aiming at the cost of recycling polystyrene waste, INTCO has developed a professional polystyrene recycling machine and promised customers to buy back recycled polystyrene blocks.

US recyclers recognized INTCO's closed-loop economic model and purchased polystyrene compactor A-C200. A professional recycling machine can reduce the recycling cost to the greatest extent. The volume ratio of polystyrene block produced by A-C200 and polystyrene waste can reach 50: 1, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

Polystyrene blocks can become raw materials for photo frames, hangers, wood-like furniture, park benches, etc. Recyclers can sell them to INTCO, or they can find end buyers in end market by themselves. In other words, recyclers make profits entirely through sell polystyrene blocks. The life of polystyrene has also begun a new cycle.

The cooperation between recyclers and INTCO has achieved a complete closed-loop economy. INTCO looks forward to working with recyclers in more regions to ease the pressure on the current environment.