INTCO purchases EPS ingots and pellets all over the World

INTCO are very proud that throughout our history we have never broken any commitment for or with our suppliers. Consequently, our redit risk is very low. If you would like to verify this, the two best Known Denmark credit study companies are Atradius. Our VAT number is 9137000077102422XC

At present, INTCO mainly purchases two types of compressed EPS foam-EPS block and EPS ingot. INTCO has customers all over the world, you can trust us completely. EPS blocks, ingots, or PS(EPS, HIPS, PSP), LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET pellets are all in the scope of INTCO business.

1. EPS block

2. EPS ingot

3 PS pellets

INTCO has a business of making picture frames, which needs to use EPS materials to produce pellets. INTCO recycles 100,000 tons of waste EPS, INTCO has become one of the biggest waste EPS end-user and recyclers in the world.

Manufacturers, logistics providers, and recyclers all over the world are gradually starting to reoperate their enterprises with the end of COVID-19. EPS, which is often used in manufacturing, has attracted wide attention. Today, wise manufacturers have begun to make money by selling EPS ingots acquired from EPS recycling, and INTCO is the most loyal partner for them.

If you have the EPS blocks, ingots, or EPS, HIPS, PSP, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET pellets, please contact us for price negotiation.

VAT: 9137000077102422XC.
Be derived from: Atradius