INTCO recycling and Recycler recycle more Styrofoam waste as the recycling industry matures

With the development of the recycling industry, the economic impact is also increasing, and now Styrofoam waste has become one of the most important waste commodities on the global market.

Today, the value of the global plastics recycling industry is estimated at US $ 34 billion and is expected to reach US $ 56 billion by 2026.

As the recycling industry matures, recycling-related companies and activities become more active. The latest estimates indicate that in the United States last year, recycling and recycling activities accounted for approximately 757,000 jobs, $ 36.6 billion in wages, and $ 6.7 billion in tax revenue. INTCO Recycling, as an old California recycler, has made great progress in research and development progress and recycling experience in Styrofoam recycling.

INTCO cooperates closely with recyclers. One of its main businesses is Styrofoam recycling equipment that can solve the high cost problem of Styrofoam recycling. For example, a Styrofoam densifier M-C100 can compress Styrofoam waste at a ratio of 90: 1, which greatly reduces the recycling cost in storage and transportation. Styrofoam ingots produced by Recycling equipment can also be sold as recycled materials. They are used in everything from fabrics to building insulation and park benches.

As the industry matures, more and more Styrofoam is recycled, which has brought gratifying development in the United States and abroad. Not only the environment, but also economic benefits, and in the past 25 years, it is also the economic benefits that have driven the development of recycling.