INTCO Recycling and recyclers are facing the crisis of Styrofoam recycling after the pandemic

Recently, we have seen a lot of news about the environment getting better, that’s great. But we all know that this is only temporary. In the pandemic crisis, disposable Styrofoam products are more popular than ever, because people urgently buy disposable items, as well as other products that are safely packaged in Styrofoam, such as fruits packaged in Styrofoam trays.

All in all, the Coronavirus crisis is generating more and more Styrofoam waste. After the COVID-19 subsides, we have to face the new Styrofoam recycling crisis.

In the United States, only a few states have roadside recycling projects, and currently, in order to protect workers ’safe, they are worried that the virus will be exposed from recycle materials. From Miami to Los Angeles, dozens of counties and local governments have suspended roadside recycling projects, and only a part of the recycler ’s Styrofoam recycling machine is operating at full capacity.

INTCO Recycling is an old California recycling company. The Styrofoam densifier M-C100 produced by INTCO Recycling is well received among recyclers. Styrofoam densifier contains a rotating cutter and a compression screw, can compress a high proportion of the volume of Styrofoam waste, and transform the marshmallow-like Styrofoam waste into Styrofoam ingot like marble.

INTCO Recycling also provides terminal services for recyclers, and will repurchase Styrofoam ingot for the production of photo frames and baseboards. The use of Styrofoam recycling machine can greatly improve the recycling efficiency. This is the best way to deal with a large amount of Styrofoam waste. The COVID-19 crisis is fading and our challenges are coming.