INTCO Recycling can help you recycle different kinds of plastic waste


According to British media, China banned the import of 24 kinds of "foreign garbage". However, over the years, many countries, including Britain, have become accustomed to packing rubbish and shipping them to China for digestion.


According to the Broadcasting British Corporation in January 8th, the UK industry organization said that after the ban on China, the UK has no high-tech way to deal with excess plastic waste and face the embarrassment of junk.


In 2014, a total of 2.2 million tons of plastic packaging waste were produced in the United Kingdom, and the Environmental Services Department published such figures in the national packaging waste database.


Packaging waste, including plastic bottles,takeout foam containers and fresh food packaging film, etc., but does not include the car bumper and other types of garbage, a comparison, this figure is equivalent to the charitable organization "packaging" the total amount of plastic waste in the year of 60% of the total.



According to reports, in 2014, the United Kingdom recycled 842 thousand tons of plastic packaging waste. Most of the recycled plastic waste comes from families. In 2014, the total amount of plastic recovered from households in England was 428,000 tons, up to 475,000 tons in 2016.
Plastic waste can be recycled with INTCO Recycling, because INTCO Recycling can provide you all kinds of plastic recycling solutions such as polystyrene recycling, Styrofoam recycling and EPS recycling. For instance, the waste polystyrene foam packaging is turned into EPS blocks with polystyrene recycling machines after crushing and compressing it. the EPS blocks can also be granulated into PS pellets.The PS pellets can be sold or be reused to make other recycled products such as framing products,clothes hanger, XPS insulation board and so on.



INTCO Recycling can help you recycle different kinds of plastic waste. If interested, you are welcome to meet us.