INTCO recycling can help you solve all the problems of EPS recycling


Expanded polystyrene is a material that is not commonly recycled, although a few councils may accept it at household waste recycling centers. EPS has a low recycling rate mainly due to the lack of technology and professional machines.


Some EPS are embedded in long-term use, such as waffles for building and engineering or manufacturing components. However, about 40% of EPS foam is discarded in the natural environment after being used as a disposable or short-term packaging. EPS material is difficult to break down, and even traditional waste disposal methods like incineration and landfill have a huge impact on our environment.


Local recycling exists for both residential and commercially are collecting expanded polystyrene now. Residents can drop expanded polystyrene off free of charge at certain recycling depots, and businesses can send it for recycling at local facilities for fee.


In fact, for some local governments or small and medium-sized enterprises, EPS recycling is a good choice. At present, many local governments have begun to actively support waste recycling and environmental protection.


INTCO recycling been committed to EPS recycling for over ten years. From the initial procurement of EPS blocks to the recycling equipment manufacturing, INTCO recycling made the conversion after learning from the advanced technology in Europe. INTCO has become a specialist in the EPS recycling industry.


After absorbing the advanced technology experience of Europe, INTCO has developed APOLO series foam compressing machine and MARS series EPS densifier. The EPS compactor is economical and environmentally friendly, and the foam densifier has high compression ratio of 90:1. Customers can choose according to their own needs.


Compressed foam blocks can be sold at high prices to recyclers and manufacturers for granulation to make photo frames or decorative moldings. In addition, INTCO recycling promises to purchase back all the EPS blocks compressed by GREENMAX machines.