INTCO can provide professional recycling solutions for foam manufacturers

Starting July 1, 2019 businesses will be ticketed for possessing, selling or using certain foam products in New York city.

In recent years, government restrictions on foam products have gradually increased. Whether it is issuing a foam ban or issuing a ticket, the most affected are the foam manufacturers. This is why, at this year's K show in Germany, foam manufacturers were looking for foam recycling solutions.

Foam manufacturers urgently need to find a suitable foam recycling solution to prove that the enterprise is environmentally friendly. As a recycling expert, INTCO Recycling has rich experience in providing complete foam recycling solutions for enterprises. Therefore, many foam manufacturers have cooperated with us.

INTCO will recommend a foam recycling machine with the corresponding capacity based on the amount of waste produced by the manufacturer. For example, a foam densifier M-C200 can recycle 200 kg of foam trash per hour, which is suitable for small and medium foam manufacturers

Foam recycling machine can reduce the cost of processing foam waste to the greatest extent, and help manufacturers to efficiently carry out foam recycling. The machine uses screw cold pressing technology, which can compress the foam waste at a ratio of 90: 1, and finally produce a tight foam ingot, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

The favorite of the foam recycling solution provided by INTCO is that INTCO provides the service of buying back foam waste. Foam manufacturers can directly sell the foam ingot to INTCO for profit. Of course, manufacturers can also sell to other end markets. Foam ingot are raw materials for some commodities.

The topic of environmental protection is being talked about more and more times in people's lives. INTCO hopes that foam recycling will also become the norm in people's lives.