INTCO recycling has made great achievements by taking EPS recycling as a business


EPS material is usually made from a multi-functional plastic resin used in many consumer and industrial products. The common materials as building and appliance insulation, surfboards, protective packaging and egg cartons that we find in our daily life are made of EPS.


EPS material has so wide applications due to its high cost and good protective performance, but the key benefit of EPS is that it can be recycled. However, many manufacturers and end-users just regard EPS as waste, not an opportunity. Actually EPS recycling is good a business if you can realize the profits that bought by EPS waste.



At the early time, EPS is generally regarded as a low profit material when it comes to recycling. Compared to paper, aluminum cans, EPS material is low in value and difficult to transport.


In order to solve the transportation problem, INTCO recycling has finally developed a series of machines that special for foam compressing after years of hard work. The machine is famous for its brand name GREENMAX during the past decades, it currently serves hundreds of regions across the world.



GREENMAX EPS screw compactor offers an intelligent and useful tool for recyclers. The screw compacting technology is popular with all the customers, and the high compression ratio reaches 50:1, which aims to reduce shipping times and save storage space.


The professional design and high-end parts provide guarantee for the use of the machines, and INTCO recycling also provides free overseas maintenance to help you solve the problems in the working process.



Taking EPS recycling as a business, INTCO recycling has made great achievements in recent years. Not only GREENMAX machines received the world's welcome for EPS recycling, the products like picture frames and decorative moldings that made of recycled EPS has been also sold well around the world.