INTCO recycling helps you avoid additional charges for Styrofoam disposal


It is reported that the Zion Trucking Recycling Depot in Castlegar has been closed, this means that there are no drop-offs which accept Styrofoam waste for local residents any longer.


That’s really a pity! As we all know, Styrofoam is recyclable, it is among the most valuable recycling materials. The most important is that the recycling value of this material can not only alleviate the environmental pressure, but also create valuable renewable resources for new foam products production.


Sending the used Styrofoam packaging back to the manufacturer to avoid additional disposal charges. Styrofoam is very cheap, practical and widely used, so we have to try to recycle it more effectively. Sending it back to manufacturers will force them to consider better packaging options or find more efficient recycling methods.


As the foam products manufacturer, INTCO recycling has done well in this filed. Having been committed to compressed Styrofoam purchasing for years, INTCO found the pain point for the Styrofoam recyclers. The bulky surface of the Styrofoam products made it a difficulty for Styrofoam recycling, so many recycling companies do not accept Styrofoam waste.


INTCO recycling purchases the compressed Styrofoam waste to produce photo frames. In order to ensure a stable source of raw materials, the company has gradually attached more importance to the recycling field. After market research and technical consultation, INTCO developed its first Styrofoam compactor named GREENMAX APOLO series in 2008. Since then, GREENMAX machines have helped many countries and regions achieve more effective foam waste recycling.


GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine has a good performance with a maximum compression ratio of 90:1. INTCO recycling not only supplies machines to its raw material suppliers, but also helps more manufacturers and end users to make profits from Styrofoam recycling. It helps you avoid additional charges for Styrofoam disposal.