INTCO recycling is a reliable partner for your polystyrene recycling program

Does your community accept the recycling of polystyrene waste? Contrary to popular belief, polystyrene waste can be recycled and the recycling of polystyrene waste is of high commercial value. But unfortunately, very few people know how polystyrene is truly economically valuable.

In fact, the main issues of polystyrene recycling are the costs of collection, separation and transportation. How to solve these problems is a common challenge for recyclers and equipment suppliers.

Current market conditions indicate that the return on investment (ROI) of polystyrene is much higher than that of cardboard. Many municipalities and recycling companies have invested in cardboard compacting equipment, probably because they have not yet realized the commercial potential of polystyrene recycling. Cardboard is the most common recyclable material currently traded on the options clearing corporation (OCC) stock exchange in Chicago at a commodity price of less than $0.04 per pound. Considering the economic value of recycling polystyrene at $0.25 per pound, there is a large recycling market for polystyrene materials.

There are several ways to recycle polystyrene waste, Choosing GREENMAX foam recycling equipment, the company not only offers you the most professional polystyrene compactors and densifiers, but also helps you realize the whole project planning.

The GREENMAX APOLO series polystyrene compactor is high productivity cold compression machine manufactured by INTCO recycling. The machine was specially designed for crushing and compacting plastic foam on a small scale, the compression ratio can reach 50:1, and the compacted foam blocks can be sold back to INTCO recycling at a good price.

INTCO recycling is one of the largest importers of polystyrene foam scraps in the world. Its experience can help recyclers or manufacturers solve any problems related to exporting waste products. INTCO recycling will be a reliable partner for your polystyrene recycling program.