INTCO recycling is a trusted expert in the EPS recycling industry

Recently, with the rise of the expanded polystyrene foam ban, some countries and regions have also expressed strong opposition. Using EPS alternatives does not automatically reduce waste. In most cases, it simply replaces one waste with another, so banning EPS is not the solution to environmental protection.

Gornals, a purchasing officer at Traxpo, a Spanish expandable polystyrene (EPS) recycling company, said it would be unwise to "just replace EPS". He claimed that with appropriate technology and collection schemes, EPS could be 100% recycled. Despite what some people might say, both chemical and mechanical recycling processes are possible. For example, we can process them into pellets that can be used for frame products and insulating materials production, this is a very popular application.

From a practical standpoint, the difficulty for EPS recycling is that EPS is only 2% plastic and 98% air. Due to the light weight, logistics can be difficult. However, this problem can be effectively solved by GREENMAX EPS recycling machines, which can reduce the foam volume for 50 to 90 times.

Foam compression is the main step of EPS recycling. The process makes loose foam 50 or 90 times smaller than before, save storage space for manufacturers and foam product users. It can also save transportation cost for recyclers, so that EPS can be accepted in more regions. Moreover, the compressed EPS blocks or lumps and be sold for granulating and new foam products manufacturing, which makes EPS waste into renewable resources.

The superiority of INTCO recycling is that the company not only provides you with professional EPS recycling machines, but also buy back your compressed foam waste. INTCO recycling has been engaged in purchasing EPS blocks for more than 20 years, producing exquisite photo frame products with recycled polystyrene materials. From foam waste recycling to finished product production, INTCO recycling is a trusted expert in the EPS recycling industry.