INTCO recycling offers you a long-term solution for polystyrene recycling

It is reported that Aberdeenshire Council has signed a one-year contract with Styropack for a pilot polystyrene recycling service, starting on February 1, 2020. The Council will offer polystyrene recycling trials at its three home recycling centers (HRCS).

These centers will only accept expanded polystyrene (EPS), which includes all polystyrene packaging materials such as molded packaging, filler blocks and boards, polystyrene boxes and packing balls, clean disposable meal boxes, etc.

Ros Baxter, the waste manager of Aberdeenshire Council, said: "polystyrene and any other hard plastic recycling pilots can provide us key data that will help shape the services we provide to the public, it is a very important point for us! We are always looking for opportunities to recycle new materials and divert waste from landfills. The pilot polystyrene recycling program is a positive step towards increasing the recycling rate in council."

In fact, if the results of the polystyrene recycling pilot project are positive, the trial could provide a long-term solution for local polystyrene waste recycling.

After the solution of polystyrene recycling channels, professional recycling machines are also needed. INTCO recycling offers professional foam densifier with the compression ratio of 50:1, high productivity screw melting process make the loose foam into dense ingots. More importantly, the recycled foam ingots are good raw material for new foam items production.

Nowadays, INTCO recycling has helped many industries to solve polystyrene recycling problems, starting with polystyrene manufacturers and cutters, foam packaging products companies, fishermen, furniture stores and other terminal application industries. Even logistics companies are now widely used polystyrene recycling equipment.

INTCO recycling not only provides them with professional equipment, but also buys back compressed foam blocks to produce beautiful photo frames, mirror frames and decorative moldings for sale across the world, INTCO recycling is committed to contributing to the global foam recycling industry.