INTCO Recycling promotes styrofoam recycling by helping recyclers reduce storage costs

Disposable styrofoam products are heavily discarded after being used in large quantities, causing serious pollution that makes it difficult to know that styrofoam recycling technology already exists and mistakenly believes that styrofoam is a material that cannot be recycled.

Not only because of the wrong view, even in the recycler, knowing that styrofoam can be recycled, the styrofoam recycling project also is not so popular, mainly because of the cost.

This is also the case with the high cost associated with transporting waste due to its volume to weight ratio. A truck's styrofoam actually contains very little styrofoam, 95-98% of its content is air.

But as the market potential of styrofoam recycling grows, recyclers are beginning to seek to reduce the cost of styrofoam recycling to make more profits. A US recycler has found INTCO Recycling, a California-based company that sells professional styrofoam recycling machines.

American recyclers purchased a styrofoam compactor A-C100, which is able to squeeze out the air content of styrofoam by screw technology, producing a high-density styrofoam block, which significantly reduces transportation costs and storage costs. Get savings.

Recyclers are often profitable on the styrofoam recycling project by looking for end-market buyers to sell recycled styrofoam. But the styrofoam block produced by the recycling machine, INTCO Recycling promises to repurchase it, recyclers will have more reliable buyers.

INTCO Recycling is committed to helping recyclers reduce recycling costs and increase recycling revenue. It allows more foam waste to enter the recycling machine rather than the dump.