INTCO recycling provides a total recycling system for waste EPS foam


Do you know what the beautiful photo frames are made from? It is EPS(expanded polystyrene), the most lightweight and widely used plastic type. Today, let's take a look at the amazing journey of EPS with INTCO recycling.


INTCO recycling is a specialist for the total solutions of EPS waste. During the past 10 years, the company has been committed to efficiency recycling and high quality regeneration of EPS waste. The green recycled materials are applied to environmental friendly products, like picture frames, mirror frames, baseboard, corner line, outdoor floor and other products of indoor and outdoor decorative materials and so on.


Waste EPS foam can be compacted into tight blocks and melted ingots by the application of professional GREENMAX EPS screw compactor and foam densifier. GREENMAX EPS recycling machine is a new generation of EPS foam compression and densification machines that independently developed by INTCO recycling. With a compression ratio of 50:1 to 90:1, it greatly reduces the cost of storage, transportation and other logistics, and solves the major problem in the process of EPS recycling.


Through the unique environmental protection regeneration technology of crushing, high-precision screening, detection, antioxidant regeneration, etc., the purity of recycled PS pellets is up to 99%. The production process of the beautiful photo frames is mainly waste foam crushing, granulation, mixing, extrusion, lamination, embossing and molding.


The greatest feature of the products made by INTCO recycling is that the raw materials are collected from the waste. INTCO has made the EPS waste into beautiful house decoration products by applying the latest extrusion technology. Replacing native wood with recycled EPS material has greatly simplified the traditional working process, which not only improves efficiency, saves costs, but also environmentally oriented.



The products of picture frames and decorative moldings produced by INTCO recycling have gradually developed into a good substitute for traditional wooden molding and photo frame products. They are now widely used in the fields of home decoration, indoor and outdoor building materials.