INTCO recycling- Styrofoam recycling machine Manufacturer and foam blocks buyer

INTCO recycling has been purchasing Styrofoam waste worldwide for over ten years, so we know more about the status of Styrofoam industry and the market changes and trends. Years of experience have taught us that Styrofoam is useful and can be made into many new foam products. Styrofoam recycling is becoming more and more important in manufacturing industry.

Recycled Styrofoam material is the necessary raw material in our production process. It is very important for us to purchase recycled foam blocks and ingots because we need it every day. In the past, we have been able to produce picture frames by using recycled Styrofoam material, and now we need to buy more foam waste for production development and technology.

Due to the increasing demand for waste Styrofoam blocks, recycled Styrofoam is in short supply. In fact, from loose Styrofoam packaging to compressed materials and then PS pellets regeneration, the recycling rate of Styrofoam is very low. Due to the lack of specialized equipment in many countries and regions, the recycling rate of waste Styrofoam materials is less than 20%.

After in-depth research on the market, and in order to maintain a longer-term and stable cooperation with our foam blocks suppliers, INTCO recycling started to develop Styrofoam recycling equipment. In 2008, GREENMAX foam compactor was gradually known in the market.

The application of GREENMAX foam compactor has greatly improved the recycling rate of Styrofoam waste. Subsequently, the MARS series Styrofoam melting machine and ZEUS series foam surface melting machine specially designed for PE Foam were successfully developed. We provide professional customization foam recycling equipment for polystyrene recycling customers in different countries and different industries, that is why INTCO recycling has been able to quickly seize the Styrofoam recycling market in recent years and has become more and more famous.

At present, INTCO recycling not only offers professional Styrofoam recycling equipment, but also purchases back the compressed foam blocks and ingots at a good price. Any questions about Styrofoam, please consult INTCO recycling.