INTCO Supported Shandong Provincial Sports Games

In order to promote the spirit of competitive sports, show construction of spiritual civilization and cultural home, promote Zibo local amateur life, as the main co-organizer of "Origin Cup" International Youth Football Championships, INTCO environmental protection will be free to give you the football Tickets for the contest.

INTCO environmental protection will give you October 3 and October 5 game tickets, a total of four games, and sent 50 tickets, the game teams included European football giants Madrid, Spain, Germany, Werder Bremen and Iran's traditional team Vladimir Seppan.

Delhi Athletic Football Club is the Spanish Football League team, is the traditional European football tyrannical. Nickname is sheet army. He has won 10 Spanish Football League championships, 3 times the Champions League runner-up, 2 times the European Cup, 2 European Super Cup, once World Club Cup.

Werder Bremen Sports Club is located in Bremen, Germany, is a football-based sports. The club was founded in February,1899, won four times Bundesliga champions, is a German football team.

Fradec Seppan Football Club is a soccer club in Isfahan, Iran. Sipahan Football Club is currently one of the strongest clubs in Iran, and now participated in the Iranian Football Super League and won three times, and won the Asian Champions League runner-up in 2007.

In recent years, INTCO group as the main supporter of Shangdong sports career, sponsored Shandong Provincial Sports Games, the National Taekwondo, Men's Weightlifting Championships, the Chinese Volleyball League, the "origin Cup" football match. Zibo major sporting events, will enrich the masses of people hobbies, improve the quality of sports, develop physical fitness of the new fashion. It is our honor for INTCO GREENMAX recycling machine to support the games.