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Integrated Plastic Packaging Waste Management Measures

Polystyrene foam also called EPS, EPS foam mainly used in televisions, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, precision instruments and crafts shockproof packaging material. Also Styrofoam is also used in fast-food boxes and other food packaging materials. Most of these are disposable packaging materials.


Polystyrene foam molding method, there are two: one is the direct foaming process, the other is a foamable beads method, both methods are physical processes, does not destroy polystyrene polymer structure, so that it remains the original nature, and it is recyclable.


foam packaging

For example, food trays, the production process as follows: Waste food trays- washing - drying - pulverized - forced feeding - preplasticating - extruded plastics - molding - cooling - granulation - bagging - extruder.


Using waste polystyrene foam to make building materials, there are a variety of light manufacturing methods. For example: using the polystyrene foam granules, cement binder, wood silk as filler, mixed with water, and then molded into the beginning of lightweight concrete bulkhead. The plants can also be made with Portland cement composite sheet, between the two layers wall, is the polystyrene foam sheet and filled with a mixture of cement and made of lightweight solid blocking plate, the wall is particularly suitable for non-load-bearing walls inside the building.


Polyethylene (HDPE) bottom bracket, aluminum cover, but also with ethylene - vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA foam) cover lining, paper labels and glue. The main recycling machines: shredders, compactor, dewatering machine.


epe foam

Polyurethane foam because of its good flexibility, excellent cushioning properties, has been widely applied in various fields. In addition to doing leather. Foam Packaging also used in the sofa, in the car as a buffer material, refrigerator, underground steam pipe insulation and special occasions. Thus, polyurethane waste is more and more.


foam waste

Thermosetting plastic waste is very low cost, and easily to crush into powder, so it can be used as a broad-spectrum filler, since the thermosetting polymer filler has a good compatibility structure. Use it as a filler can be regarded as Blending different polymers. If thermosetting plastic filler added similarly, they do not have to go through this filler may be added directly to the treatment plant.


Integrated plastic packaging waste management measures can reduce plastic packaging waste caused by the "white pollution", the development of "second resource", the relevant departments need to establish a foam recycling mechanism, using GREENMAX machine to recycle a variety of waste foam.