Is Styrofoam recyclable? GREENMAX can show you the facts and solutions


Also known as foam #6, plastic #6, or expanded polystyrene (EPS), Styrofoam is widely used in many industries because it is convenient and cheap. Actually it is so ubiquitous from your coffee cup to your takeout container, almost everywhere.



Styrofoam feels light, but its environmental impact is heavy. It is a lot like a plastic bag as it can sit in landfills for centuries and it is toxic when burned. Well, in America millions of polystyrene cups will be thrown away... let alone all of the other EPS waste we use every day throughout the whole world.
Is Styrofoam recyclable? Absolutely it is. Styrofoam can be recycled and the recycling is benefit to the cyclic utilization of the resources, also to the planet environment as well.



The truth is, there aren’t many recycling facilities that accept Styrofoam because it is so light and bulky and isn’t cost-effective to recycle.
Not sure where to start? GREENNMAX can tell you the solutions as follows and the key point is the Styrofoam recycling machines.
First is the Styrofoam screw compactor, a recycling machine featuring at the screw compression technology with lower utility consumption and higher efficiency. It is worth mentioning that EPS fish boxes or fruit boxes containing water can also be dealt with through this machine.


The second one to introduce is Styrofoam thermal densifier. Different from screw compactor, it is specialized in the screw melting technology which can enable continuous output at a ratio of 90:1. The high-density ingot weighs up to25T per 40HQ container load. Besides, the recycling machine is equipped with reputable PHOENIX, SCHNEIDER, NSK components, ensuring great safety, reliability and durability.


Thirdly, to recycle Styrofoam, just applying recycling machines is nowhere enough. The Styrofoam blocks and ingots is better to be sold back and made into other plastic products. Such a process is what INTCO recycling is always doing. Only in this way can the Styrofoam be recycled totally and realize the value of its recycling.
How do you recycle Styrofoam? Any suggestions are welcomed in the comments!