Is there any value to recycle Styrofoam packaging waste

Expanded polystyrene, commonly known as Styrofoam, is everywhere, and creates a huge chunk of waste everyday. It comes with almost every household appliance, electronic device or furniture you buy.

Some regional governments support Styrofoam recycling, while some regions have opted to ban Styrofoam packaging, especially the use of foam food containers. Is there any value to recycle Styrofoam packaging waste?

The main value of Styrofoam recycling is environmental protection and economy.

There is no doubt that recycling Styrofoam has great environmental significance. Styrofoam material is light in weight, it is usually disposed by incineration, and the scraps are easy to be blown away by wind. More importantly, it is not easily biodegradable, and it will exist in the soil for hundreds or even thousands of years after landfill. Therefore, the traditional waste management way is not suitable for Styrofoam material, and it still poses a threat to the environment.

However, Styrofoam is actually a recyclable material. Recycled Styrofoam can not only avoid environmental pollution, but also be used as a raw material for the production of new foam products.

Styrofoam recycling has great economic benefits for enterprises. If disposing of EPS waste or removing other packaging materials takes up most of your operating costs, recycling is a very beneficial way to reduce unnecessary expenses. This is why more and more terminal companies are choosing to recycle their own Styrofoam packaging waste.

The investment of Styrofoam recycling equipment is essential for the recycling project of Styrofoam waste. Many companies have adopted GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier to crush, melt and extrude the loose Styrofoam waste into dense foam ingots. The foam volume can be reduced for 50 to 90 times. Melted Styrofoam ingots can be more acceptable to buyers. It is a good raw material for XPS insulation board, picture frames, hangers and other foam products production.

Styrofoam recycling has great value, please do not ignore a small piece of foam garbage, or small profit opportunities. Your Styrofoam recycling project can make a big difference.