It Is Better to Recycle Styrofoam Than to Ban Styrofoam

With the intensification of styrofoam pollution, people's vigilance against styrofoam is gradually increasing, and people are eager to find solutions to styrofoam pollution.Recently, a bill passed by Maryland banned restaurants, supermarkets, vending carts, cinemas and schools from providing polystyrene food containers, making it the first state in the United States to ban styrofoam food containers and cups.

It seems that the introduction of the banned styrofoam can help solve the styrofoam pollution, but in fact, because it is difficult to refuse the convenience brought by plastics, the styrofoam ban can’t completely solve the problem. Moreover, the promotion of styrofoam pollution news and the introduction of styrofoam bans in various places over the past few years have conveyed the wrong message that “styrofoam are one-off”.

Styrofoam are often made into disposable products, but this does not mean that styrofoam is a disposable material. Styrofoam are 100% recyclable, but people who don't know this will choose to discard it, it’s just going to landfills to never decompose and pollute the world.

This seems to be in a loop, and we have to break through this cycle to carry out styrofoam recycling. Since the polystyrene foam fills about 95% of the air and is large, it is necessary and economical to compress the size of the EPS waste during the recovery process with the help of a polystyrene recovery machine. INTCO Recycling, California-based a specialist in styrofoam recycling, has developed specialized styrofoam recycling machine.

A large amount of foam waste is concentrated into high density blocks with the help of GREENMAX styrofoam densifier. Styrofoam that are compressed into condensed polystyrene ingots can be easily transported to the end market and recycled into new products. Photo frames, park benches, and more can be made from recycled styrofoam.

INTCO Recycling has long been committed to promoting the concept of plastic recycling. Styrofoam recycling combined is a good way to solve styrofoam pollution.