Lightweight Composite Styrofoamed Plastic 3D Printing Technology In Submarine Industry Makes EPS Recycling Valuable


In the form of a styrofoamed plastic, this composite can be used in automotive, aircraft and marine manufacturing industry where low density but high strength is required. This breakthrough has enabled manufacturers to print components that have any complex shape and can withstand pressure deeper, so it has a particular application prospect for submarines.


At present, composite foam parts are produced by injection molding, and adhesives and fasteners must be used to connect the parts, which makes the parts vulnerable. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, allows manufacturers to integrate complex parts such as the car body and internal structure to make it more tough.


A team led by Gupta's Ph.D. student Ashish Kumar Singh demonstrated the environmental-friendly recyclability of composite foam fibers.To get ready for the big demand of composite 3D styrofoamed plastics in submarine manufacturing industry, we need to do polystyrene recycling, which can greatly minimize the styrofoam pollution and preserve the source for all the creatures living in the earth.


One of the most popular and effective way to recycle Styrofoam is to install a GREENMAX EPS compactor on your truck, then the waste management company will unavoid taking those collected styrofoam wastes from curbside recycling program to the landfills, instead, those waste management company trucks can be able to process the Styrofoam immediately at anywhere and anytime, which cuts down greatly the shipping fee and storage cost.


Before, many recyclers and end-users refuse to recycle Styrofoam, except for the pressure from environmental organizations, but also due to the low return on investment, since we know that expanded polystyrene waste is hard to degrade by nature.


Therefore, it will cause a serious damage to our living environment in the form of water, air, soil and appearance of the city and country, thanks to the development of technology and society, polystyrene foam has much high value than ever before, which makes recycle Styrofoam wastes become valuable.


There is no reason that we do not do EPS recycling, which is both beneficial to environment and social development.