Logistics companies use recycling machines to process Styrofoam waste in Italy

Over the past four decades, global plastic production has quadrupled and the amount of styrofoam dumped in the ocean has been increasing. Styrofoam is a cheap product, but it is expensive for our environment, but fortunately, the public's awareness of styrofoam pollution is gradually increasing.

For many years, manufacturers have been investing in marketing and advertising campaigns to convince consumers that they are responsible for the styrofoam crisis. As a result, many people use reusable bags, recycle where possible, and consciously choose to shop with less styrofoam food or beverages.

In addition to people's own changes, more and more people are calling for the reduction of styrofoam use or the use of recyclable styrofoam throughout the business world, and a logistics company in Italy is beginning to make changes. They found INTCO Recycling, a California-based company that styrofoam recycling machine for sale, while providing customers with complete waste styrofoam solutions.

INTCO Recycling recommends a styrofoam compactor A-C200, which compresses foam in a 50:1 volume, based on the logistics company's monthly waste plastic production. It's like smashing a large marshmallow into a marble-sized ball. After that, recycled plastics can be sold to the end market for new materials such as molds and frame products.

In this styrofoam pollution crisis, personal actions can help, but we don't want individuals to think that styrofoam pollution is their problem. What you really want is to let the company choose to use recycled styrofoam or to really pay attention to styrofoam recycling and recycle it to protect our marine health and our own health.