Minnesota Inhabitants Voluntarily Launch A Recycling Organization To Support Styrofoam Recycling

Annie Chappell in Minnesota has the habit of collecting discarded Styrofoam. When the storage volume reaches a certain amount, she wants to know if anyone like her is also worried about how to recycle personal Styrofoam. Facts have proved that many people collect their own discarded Styrofoam, but they are all struggling to find a place to dispose of it. Having found this, she and other residents have organized a Styrofoam collection to conduct their Styrofoam recycling.

Things are not as simple as imagined. As everyone has collected their Styrofoam, the total amount is not small. So, where the Styrofoam can be stored is a problem. Fortunately, the pastor of Northfield Community Bible Church allowed her to store the collected materials in the garage at 105 Main Street. Then she and the other 30 residents could put their Styrofoam there and transport it to the recycling company. It’s expensive for anyone who wants to unload Styrofoam and cardboard is $20 per car regardless of the quantity. But for dozens of people, it can be easily afforded.

From this case, many people have consciously collected and recycled Styrofoam. But the issue is there is no straight solution for individuals to solve the storage and transportation of Styrofoam. Why is recycling Styrofoam so important? It actually played a big role in the development of the industry. Moreover, Styrofoam’s reuse applications are abundant. From frames and molded products to new insulation materials and film/foam products, Styrofoam can be recycled continuously and repeatedly.

For individuals, it is difficult for a person's power to solve the problem of Styrofoam recycling, even if he already has recycling awareness. So, establishing a technical Styrofoam recycling site with professional technology is urgent now. So how does the recycling site work and through what? Many recycling companies increase the density of the on-site Styrofoam by first crushing it and removing the air, and then performing hot melt applications through Styrofoam densifier. GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machines can do this maturely. Other recycling companies can use recycled Styrofoam to make photo frames, skirtings, or building insulation materials. And INTCO Recycling is a large Styrofoam recycling specialist supplying Styrofoam recycling machines and the service of recycling ingots and blocks. By working with companies like INTCO Recycling, individual organizations and recycling companies can easily solve all aspects of Styrofoam recycling.