More companies focusing on EPS foam recycling get good reputation

Under the influence of the increasingly serious EPS pollution, governments, companies and individuals are being affected to make changes.

Clearly, companies are the most affected. Enterprises with large output of EPS waste are firstly faced with the introduction of new policies and the increasingly high cost of using traditional methods to deal with EPS waste. Second, they face the advice of environmentally conscious consumers.

Companies with large EPS consumption are looking for a new way to deal with EPS waste to reduce the cost of processing waste and establish an environmentally friendly corporate image.

Brick, the second largest furniture chain in Canada, is deprecated every year in tons of EPS packaging. They chose to purchase an EPS foam recycling machine, which can squeeze out 98% of the air content in the EPS and produce EPS ingot of density. Different from the traditional treatment method, the EPS waste recovered by the machine is re-established as a resource.

Terminal market like wood-like materials, the frame industry and so on, including recycling machine manufacturer GREENMAX, will be happy to acquire EPS ingot, making it a product again, rather than never degrading in the land or ocean.

More and more consumers are willing to pay for the circular economy. While turning waste materials into treasures, companies can also establish their own social image. A company that pays attention to environmental protection can win more people's support.