Multifunctional polystyrene foam can be recycled through high-quality densifier from INTCO


Polystyrene foam is a kind of plastic produced by styrene. It is a lightweight, moisture-proof material with excellent insulation properties. Since it is 90% is made up of the air, this foam is also very beautiful which has many functions. Consumers are also very familiar with this material.



Polystyrene foam can be made as food containers. However, unlike ordinary cups and picnic coolers, which are especially white, products made from polystyrene foam are easily be threw after one-time use. So this kind of containers can easily become the “white pollution” after used, and it has become a big problem to the environment.

Polystyrene foam is also made into materials for process items. It is also used in fashionable building models and as a background for photo frames and prints. And the foam for the purpose of this process is green or white.



Polystyrene foam manufacturing is considered as the fifth largest producer of hazardous waste in terms of environmental impacts and hazards to human health. In addition to the occupational health risks caused by exposure to styrene during processing, it is also concerned that polystyrene production leads to white pollution. Many foam recycling companies will not accept products made from polystyrene foam left on the roadside, which probably because of the difficulty of recycling this material.



INTCO recycling is a recycling machine factory, which is also a polystyrene foam densifier specialist. There is a kind of melter machine can especially deal with the polystyrene foam. This machine can crush these waste foam first, and then after heating and extruding, these foam will become the densified ingots, with the volume reduction ratio up to 90:1.

Because of it, the melted cups are easy to transport and will have little pollution on the environment. Then, we can reuse the resources for granulation, refining, paint or for building materials. Recycling can not only avoid the "white pollution", but also can alleviate the pressure of resources and obtain some economic benefits.