New mobile Styrofoam recycling system in Ursa, Illinois

The challenge of Styrofoam recycling has been to make the process cost-effective. Illinois has recently implemented a mobile recycling model that is environmentally responsible and economically viable.

A recycling company located in Ursa, Illinois has carried out a new Mobile Styro - Constrictor provide complete Mobile Styrofoam Recycling, without expensive materials processing facilities.

This mobile Styrofoam recycling model is very friendly to recycling companies, because many small businesses do not have enough foam waste for processing or sale, and in most cases, they will choose to let the recycling center take away the Styrofoam for free or pay for disposal. Due to the small amount, the recycling company does not regularly take away these discarded Styrofoam, and the accumulation of a large amount of foam waste has caused problems for these enterprises. If the recycling company can have a trailer, directly compress the Styrofoam at the location of these residents or businesses, and then transport it by truck, which not only saves the transportation costs, but also solves the troubles of the Styrofoam accumulation of the small and medium-sized enterprises.

The mobile Styrofoam recycling model is also applied in the state of Oregon in America. The company purchased a GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier and puts it on a truck to recycle as much Styrofoam waste as possible in the local areas.

This way of Styrofoam recycling is also available for Logistics companies. As we know, logistics companies usually have a number of distribution centers, where the distribution and installation staff will bring back a lot of Styrofoam packaging. This kind of facility has a small amount of Styrofoam waste and needs to be processed in time. The mobile trailer model helps logistics companies solve warehouse space problems in an effective way, the machine can be used at several points, making Styrofoam recycling more economical and efficient.

The continuous development of new technologies and new models are the key to the effective recycling of Styrofoam, every one of us should pay attention to new changes.