New technology makes Styrofoam recycling more efficient

Although Styrofoam has an important impact on our daily lives, most Styrofoam waste ends up in landfills around the world. As we know, the traditional way for Styrofoam disposal is incineration and landfill with other wastes, but with the advent of new technologies, there is a new opportunity for Styrofoam recycling.

What new technologies make Styrofoam recycling more efficient?

Styrofoam crushing technology. The main function of the crushing technology is to crush large foam boards or foam packaging into small pieces. The size of the crushed pieces is mainly controlled by the crushing knife. Different sizes of crushing knives can be configured according to the requirements of customers. This kind of machine is usually used by manufacturers because he crushed Styrofoam can be directly reused to save resources, or it can be used as a supporting equipment for large foam compressors.

Styrofoam compacting technology. The main advantage of the Styrofoam compactor is that the equipment is environmentally friendly, low power, and the compressed foam is easy to sell. In some countries and regions with relatively strict environmental protection policies, Styrofoam screw compressor is a good equipment choice. GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor also has a marine standard type, which is specially designed for the water-containing foam recycling like foam fish boxes.

Styrofoam melting technology. Styrofoam densifier works with the screw melting technology, and it is welcomed by many customers for its large capacity and high compression ratio. GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1, and the melted foam ingots are clean and neat. For customers with a lot of waste, the hot melt machine is the best choice.

National policy is an important factor to promote Styrofoam recycling technology. In recent years, the recycling and utilization of Styrofoam wastes have attracted the attention of relevant government departments. We should seize the opportunity to further develop recycling technologies.