PE foam densifier M-C200 breaks the traditional solid waste treatment process

What is the traditional way of processing solid waste? Collect, transport, landfill and wait for natural degradation.

What are the consequences of PE foam waste being landfilled? PE foam will exist in the soil for a long time, causing persistent pollution. We know the consequences, but we still use traditional waste disposal methods to treat PE foam for more than ten years. Why? Because PE foam recycling is too expensive. Until the development of PE foam densifier.

PE foam contains 98% air content. In response to this point, INTCO developed a PE foam recycling machine by adding a rotating cutter and a hot melt screw inside the machine, and squeezing and squeezing the air inside the PE foam waste by crushing and screw heating. Melted PE foam waste will be produced like running water, but after cooling it will be as hard as a solid brick, which we call PE foam ingot.

PE foam densifier M-C200 is very popular among cutters. The PE foam waste produced during cutting is directly put into the machine hopper. It can save a lot of space for storing waste materials and make the warehouse tidy. At the same time, PE foam ingot can be sold as a commodity, end products such as park benches and baseboards are purchased it. Not only can cutters no longer pay for garbage disposal, but they can also make new profits.

New technology always brings new vitality, PE foam densifier brings a new way of waste disposal. In today's rapid resource consumption, PE foam recycling is beneficial to us.