Plastic should be recycled through GREENMAX machine to reduce the marine pollution


At present, the garbage made by mankind has almost reached every corner of the earth, from the highest mountain to the deepest ocean, plastic has covered all over there. And what surprised you is that one of thing that is difficult to be decomposed by nature - plastic, is becoming coral food, and coral seems to really enjoy it.


In the past, the scientists found plastic waste in some marine animals’ stomach. And according to a recent study, corals are eating plastic. A new study by Duke University shows that certain types of marine corals have made PE film as a food source because they are delicious. However, these plastic will do harm to the corals and marine lives.

In order to reduce and solve this kind of pollution, we should pay more attention to the plastic recycling in our daily life.


GREENMAX, belongs to INTCO recycling, can well solve the problem, because it has a kind of recycling machines Poseidon to deal with PE film efficiently. The machine is especially designed for dewatering and compacting like PE film. Compared to the traditional way of drying plastic films by heating with hot air, which is quite difficult and energy-waste, PE film recycling through Poseidon series is much easily than it.

Poseidon can provide a better way to dry the PE film after the washing process. It can make the liquid separated with the packaging and compact the film into smaller volumes with the ratio of 8:1. After compacting, the waste film can through the process of granulation to make other plastic products, such as pots, barrels, plastic flanges and so on.

So, with this kind of machine, we can deal with plastic in our daily life, which is also a win-win strategy. It can not only reduce the marine pollution, but also can save the resources to do other products.