Polyethylene foam densifier helps you effectively recycle polyethylene waste

The emergence of polyethylene foam is relatively late compared to polystyrene, and it is lighter in weight and larger in volume. If the cost of recycling using traditional ways may create high transportation cost, then now the mainly disposal way is applying professional polyethylene foam densifier.

Polyethylene foam is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging and filling materials. Its superior characteristics are more and more recognized by people, so its use will continue to expand and innovate. Especially in packaging and other industrial materials, it has better performance than traditional materials, low cost, high grade, elegant appearance, and better effect.

Today, the demand for polyethylene foam recycling is increasing. As a professional polyethylene disposal company, INTCO Recycling provides a comprehensive set of solutions for polyethylene foam recycling.

The recycling process of polyethylene foam:

Due to the large volume of polyethylene foam, large storage space is required, which is inconvenient for transportation and difficult to recycle. In order to save recycling costs, INTCO Recycling offers cold-press and hot-melt machines to specifically process polyethylene foam waste.

1.Cold compressing and surface melting technology (ZEUS series)

GREENMAX ZEUS series foam compactor can crush polyethylene foam as much as possible through bearings and blades. At the same time, the machine will compact the discarded polyethylene foam under high pressure. A hot melt film is formed on the surface of the compression block, which is convenient for transportation and can effectively prevent the formation of polyethylene foam.

2.Hot melting technology (MARS series)

GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier can crush waste polyethylene foam into pieces. After the process of crushing, hot melting, extrusion and molding, the discarded polyethylene foam becomes high-density ingots, and can be sold back at a high price to INTCO Recycling for beautiful picture frames production.

Because polyethylene foam is environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused, GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier plays an important role in the recycling process.