Polyethylene Foam: the wide range of applications and recycling solutions

Polyethylene (PE) is a thermoplastic resin produced by the polymerization of ethylene. As an important engineering plastic raw material, global polyethylene production ranks first among the five general-purpose resins. Because of its good chemical stability, excellent low temperature resistance, good electrical insulation and resistance to most acids and bases, it is widely used in various industrial life fields.

Polyethylene has a wide range of uses, making it an ideal product for many projects.

Polyethylene is an elastic material that returns to form after compression while still producing enough yield force to provide cushioning and safety when needed. Therefore, it is often used for fragile and luxury items packaging.

Polyethylene is usually seen in the form of sheets or planks that are rigid and retain their shape when cut into thicker parts. These types of polyethylene are most commonly used as insulation or for enclosures and custom packaging because they are both strong and shock absorbent, and also be easily cut to form well-shaped inserts to safely move or transport items.

The range of uses of polyethylene makes it one of the most widely used foam products available. With a wide range of densities, recipes and styles, and a variety of uses for each variation, this unique material is widely used in our daily life and some areas of expertise.

In fact, most used polyethylene materials can be recycled. Polyethylene recycling is not difficult. First of all, it is necessary to collect polyethylene from domestic and industrial sources, and then use professional foam recycling machine for compacting and melting. Recycled polyethylene can be used as a raw material for new products.

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