Polyethylene recycling can become a trend by using environment-friendly methods


Disposal of waste plastic in environment is considered to be a big problem due to its very low biodegradability and presence in large quantities. Therefore, finding alternative methods of disposing waste by using environment-friendly methods are becoming an important issue.

Plastic materials like polyethylene foams can be collected from various sources, such as households, supermarkets, factories and garbage dumps. The collected materials then should be sorted by type and colors. The sorted waste polyethylene foams can be baled and transported to the plastics recyclers.



Nowadays, recycling is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on the world in which we live, that is why many companies are committed to protecting the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling polyethylene foams.

Conventional polystyrene recycling methods such as landfill and burning, in a certain extent, cause environmental pollution. To solve this problem, compressing or melting is a better way to recycle the polyethylene foams.


The polyethylene densifier is a machine which can smash the waste polyethylene foams into pieces. After a process of shredding, heat melting and extruding, the waste polyethylene pieces will become “densified”.

Such polyethylene recycling solution can help save storage space and transportation costs. The desified polyethylene liquid or ingots can be packed in large bags and then sold to be recycled. The polyethylene foam is a highly recyclable material which can be recycled into various products such as new plastic bags or film or plastic boards and many other products.


Waste polyethylene foams need to be recycled by such environment-friendly machines, not only for environment, but also for your own benefit. In America, the polyethylene recycling has become a trend. It is believed that this trend is going to last for a long time.