Polyethylene recycling machine from INTCO can improve the utilization of the resources


Polyethylene is a kind of thermoplastics that is almost ubiquitous in consumer products. Polyethylene has a wide range of applications, which including film products, as well as injection molding, hollow products, woven products, pipe plate, wire and cable, layer products and other varieties.

In its foam form, polyethylene is used for packaging, damping and insulation, as a barrier or buoyancy component, or as a cushioning material. The most common product is the packaging material.


With the improvement of the quality of life, polyethylene products will be increasingly used. Although polyethylene plastic is widely used in our lives, after discarded in the water or soil, it won’t rot for years, which may cause great pollution to our environment, so polyethylene recycling and reuse will bring people more interest.

Waste plastic recycling work is not expedient, but a long-term work. With the increasing demand for energy, how to do waste recycling work better is related to the country's and company’s prosperity and progress. The recycling of polyethylene waste is an important part of waste recycling.



About the process of EPE recycling, we can collect the waste EPE first, and then use it as raw materials to melt and turn to granulation. INTCO Recycling has a kind of polyethylene densifier, which belongs to ZUES Series, can promote the recycling of waste foam polyethylene. The compactor has double shredding which can smash the waste EPE foam first, and then compact them with the volume reduction ratio up to 50:1. It also has surface melting technology, which can make the outside of the block rock like a stone. Because of this, the waste EPE materials can be easily to transport.



Therefore, it can be easily processed into the EPE plastic particles, which can also be used for the production of EPE or other products. GREENMAX Recycling machine has follow the path of sustainable development, not only can protect the environment, but also can improve the utilization of the resources.