Polyethylene recycling method will be more popular due to the growing market


Protective packaging is one of the most significant end-use applications of polyethylene foam(PE foam). And increasing demand for PE foams from the building and construction and automotive end-use applications is anticipated to surpass the protective packaging end-use application during the forecast period.



In addition, rise in the number of residential and commercial buildings, and growing population in various countries such as China and India are factors driving the growth of the polyethylene foams market in the building and construction end-use application segment.

PE foams are widely utilized in the manufacture of automobiles owing to their superior properties, such as lightweight and durability. The use of PE foams has resulted in significant improvement in the weight, safety, durability, and comfort of automobiles. This, in turn, has contributed to the growth of the polyethylene foams market in the automotive end-use application segment.


Nowadays, many countries such as China, India, Indonesia, and Thailand have witnessed increased demand for polyethylene foams from protective packaging, building and construction, and automotive end-use applications. Not only the application of polyethylene foams are growing in many countries, but also the polyethylene recycling market is growing too. The polyethylene recycling industry in America is really mature than many other countries.

The recycling solution to the polyethylene is using a kind of melting machine called densifier. The densifier can help recycle the PE foam for the first step: reduce the bulky volume. INTCO recycling is a company that can supply GREENMAX densifiers for the PE foam recyclers. Their densifier can work at a ratio of 90:1. It means that you will get PE ingots that is 90 times smaller than the loose PE foams after melting.


INTCO has always been innovating the technology of the densifiers these years. After learning and innovation, the densifiers can be more efficient to dispose the PE foams. And due to the growing market of PE foam, not only the densifiers, but also the GREENMAX Zeus series compactors will have increasing needs from all over the world.