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Polystyrene can cause the pollution of soil, water and atmosphere

Disposable ball pens are very easy and convenient to use, most of the people throw them as ordinary garbage after use. However, it is a kind of white plastic pollution which is neglected by the people. Recently, the news about this kind of pollution caused a lot of concern, the report said that the pollution resulted from the waste ball pens is another big social problem besides the plastic bags and batteries.
    In a stationery shop near the high school, one student is buying ball pens. The student said that he can use more than 40 ball pens in a semester. And sometimes the quality of the pen is not very good, so he just threw them away. Reporters interviewed about 20 students at the front door of the school,14 students said they throw away the disposable pen directly after use, only 6 students said that they collected the waste pen and brought them to the stationery shop because students can get a brand new one if they give the shop owner five used ball pens. But the shop owner said even they exchange new pens with students, the used ones won’t be recycled or reused.


Reporters later interviewed the relevant staff in the Pollution Prevention Department which belongs to Municipal Environmental Protection Agency, he said that the disposable ball pens have not been included in the contaminants and they are usually processed with other household waste together. The major ways of handling garbage are burying and burning.
According to Ding Yonghong, vice president of Changzhou University of Material Science and Engineering, the polystyrene used to make gel pen is anti-aging and corrosion-resistant, and it isn’t easy to decompose under natural conditions; the pen points belong to heavy metal, it can contaminate soil and water if they are thrown away carelessly. If the waste pens are incinerated, they will produce soot pollution of the atmosphere. "
The plastic cases of ball pens can be recycled to made plastic products, the most effective way for people to prevent contamination is to pick up the pen again and reduce the use of ball pen; if the ball pens can be fully recycled and reused, it can also reduce pollution.


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