Polystyrene disposal can find its way in GREENMAX recycling


As one of the most common forms of plastic, polystyrene goes into our daily life in various forms of products, from the coffee cups you take out, to the egg cartons in the kitchen. It is now widely used as the packaging material like liquid container, or functions to protect the fragile items from breaking up. It is also known as Styrofoam by many Americans.



Although being a very versatile material, polystyrene disposal seems not always easy. The government of Washington, DC once issued a new regulation to prohibit the use of polystyrene products, such as disposable lunch boxes and beverage bottles in all restaurants and grocery shops. Such regulation aims to protect the environment and maintain sustainable development.



However, people who are opposed to the prohibition claims that it will increase the operation costs of their business, which will be finally passed on to the costumers, creating unnecessary burdens to enterprises and individuals.
Since the cost of prohibition outweigh its benefit, more effective and beneficial disposal of polystyrene must be applied instead, which, fortunately, can find its way in GREENMAX recycling.
Due to its large volume and light weight, polystyrene recycling may meet several problems in the transportation. Hence, the first and also the most critical step is to reduce the volume. As a specialist in recycling, GREENMAX compactors and densifiers can fulfill such a crucial step perfectly.



Designed by GREENMAX, compactors among APOLO Series can Smash the waste polystyrene and compress them into tight blocks, and the polystyrene, after compaction, can be sold for recycling and reused to make other products. Differently, the MARS Series features at its hot melting process while the APOLO Series machines do not need melting and the process is cold pressing. In the hot melting process, the machine first crushes waste polystyrene into pieces and the waste polystyrene will be melted after heating. Then the melted polystyrene material will be squeezed out and shaped after cooling. Till now, MARS Series machines of GREENMAX have been sold in large quantities, and nearly 100 percent of the buyers come from the foreign countries.



Continuous efforts have always been taken by GREENMAX recycling to the improvement and innovation of its recycling equipment, which, as a result, is always moving forward. As a loyal partner, GREENMAX will be always trying to do practical things in the recycling industry.