Polystyrene Recycling Becomes Instant To Preserve Petrochemical Resource In Industry


Nowadays, plastic raw material is having a quite important position at many kinds of industry, especially in construction industry, which is the second largest consuming industry of plastics behind packaging, which accounts for 16 percent of plastic's total global consumption. Such as thermal insulation wall, carpet, piping, and window and door frames are all made of plastic.


To reduce consumption, we should prioritize recycling the plastic materials that can be reused. According to The Economist, 13 percent of global city solid waste is recycled and only 10 percent of plastic is reclaimed.


Expanded polystyrene foam waste is one of the main source of solid wastes, due to the voluminous size and lightweightness, it is always going to cost you much in reclaiming Styrofoam disposal. Therefore, people just mercilessly send them to landfill grounds until the nature feedbacks human beings with disasters.
To minimize the affection caused by overuse of polystyrene material in many industries. GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine becomes a good helper, in order to transport the lightweight foam to the recycling facilities, all you need to do is to feed the EPS that collected from roadside programs into a GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier to turn the loose foam into dense ingots. Those ingots are totally valuable and eco-friendly, which can be reused to make plastic material in construction area or other plastic frame products.

Considering the real situation, if we have no alternatives for polystyrene, then we should side with the most developed circular economies. According to Materials and environment . The fraction of recycled polyethylene is 9 percent, followed by polypropylene and polystyrene at under 6 percent, which means we have much more space to make progress in polystyrene recycling.



All in all, polystyrene recycling is a global concern, to maximize the benefits from polystyrene dispsoals, we better make our factory equipped with this kind of polystyrene recycling machine.